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Food Sources High In Vitamin K

Author:   Peter Sedesse MD

Vitamin K Recommended Daily Amounts

There are many different food sources that contain a large amount of Vitamin K and there is rarely an issue obtaining the proper amount. The recommended daily intake is 120mcg per day in adult males, and 90mcg per day in females. Vitamin K is found in large amounts in almost all fruits and vegetables, but dark green vegetables like broccoli and spinach have the highest amounts. High amounts can also be found in other food sources such as milk, dairy products, eggs and liver.

Vitamin K storage and function

Vitamin K is a fat soluble vitamin but is different than most fat soluble vitamins because excess amounts are not stored well. For this reason, Vitamin K should be consumed daily for optimal health. Vitamin K is also different than most vitamins because the same molecule can be used many times before degrading. Vitamin K is used by the for proper blood clotting. Either a deficiency, or excess amounts could cause changes in clotting. Avoid taking Vitamin K supplements following surgery as it can interfere with certain medications frequently given after surgery.

Vitamin K, intestinal bacteria and antibiotics

Another interesting and important topic regarding Vitamin K is that bacteria in our intestines produce, and secrete it. Fortunately for us, these bacteria live very early in the digestive tract and the Vitamin K they secrete is later absorbed into our body. About half of the Vitamin K we require for good health is supplied by the bacteria that we all have. This does prevent a certain health risk because certain antibiotics actually kill off some of these beneficial bacteria. For this reason, when taking antibiotics, it is an important time to increase your consumption of vegetables and Vitamin K until you stop taking the antibiotics and the bacteria have a chance to grow back. Also, sometimes newborn babies will be given Vitamin K injections until they have normal amounts of bacteria in their digestive system.

Summary of Information about Vitamin K Food Sources

There are a plenty of foods that contain large amount of Vitamin K, these include everything from broccoli and spinach to milk, eggs and some meats. In a normal person´s digestive tract, half of our required amount of Vitamin K is secreted by bacteria, which we can absorb and use. For this reason, prolonged, or frequent use of antibiotics could result in a deficiency.

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