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Food Sources High In Vitamin E

Author:   Peter Sedesse MD

Vitamin E Recommended Daily Amounts

Vitamin E is found in a large variety of foods in moderate amounts. One very important aspect regarding Vitamin E is that much of it is destroyed when cooked or boiled. Vitamin E is a fat soluble nutrient, which means excess amounts are stored within the body, it also means that for proper absorption in the intestines, Vitamin E should be eaten with foods that contain fat. The general daily recommended amount of Vitamin E is 30 IUs, which is a small amount and easily obtained in a normal diet.

Vegetables are the best food source of Vitamin E

Vegetables, especially dark green ones like broccoli and spinach, along with tomatoes are the food sources with the highest amounts of Vitamin E. Along with Vitamin E, these foods also contain a lot of other nutrients. While much of the Vitamin E is lost while cooking these vegetables, the low amount needed by the body still makes cooked vegetables a great source. Boiling vegetables is probably the least desirable cooking method as some of the nutritional value is destroyed by heat, while even more is lost with the discarded water.

Other Food Sources of Vitamin E

Vitamin E can also be found in high amounts in some other foods, mainly margarine and vegetable oils. Obviously vegetables are a much more healthy choice. Eggs and milk contain Vitamin E in much lower amounts than vegetables, but are still an important food source in many areas of the world. Finally, in some countries, cereals are enriched with Vitamin E.

Summary of Information about Vitamin E Food Sources

When it comes to Vitamin E, along with many other vitamins and minerals, nothing beats raw vegetables as the primary food source. Cooking the vegetables, especially boiling them will greatly decrease the nutritional value. Milk, eggs, margarine and vegetable oils also contain moderate amounts of Vitamin E. The normal amount recommended is 30IUs per day, which is fairly easy to obtain.

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