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Food Sources High In Vitamin B6

Author:   Peter Sedesse MD

Vitamin B6 Daily Requirements

Vitamin B6, like most other B-complex vitamins is found in the largest quantities in meat and is used by the body to process food into energy. Vitamin B6 is found in different forms depending on what food source it comes from, but all forms function exactly the same within the body. The most often used names on food and supplement labels are pyridoxal phosphate (PLP) or pyrodixine. The recommended intake amount of Vitamin B6 is 1.3mg per day for most individuals, and slightly higher for the elderly, pregnant or those breastfeeding. Like other B-complex vitamins, excess amounts of Vitamin B6 is not stored in the body so it must be consumed frequently.

Food Sources Rich in Vitamin B6 include Meat and Dairy Products

The amount of Vitamin B6 needed by the body is easily achieved in most diets by consuming just a modest amount of meat. For optimal health benefits, it is better if the meat sources included fish, liver or poultry rather than red meat which contains much higher levels of saturated fats. Dairy products such as milk, cheese and also eggs contain moderate amounts of Vitamin B6. Consuming eggs in large quantities has health risks, so they should be used sparingly in your meal plans.

Healthy Food Sources of Vitamin B6 Pyrodixine

There are many options for obtaining Vitamin B6 that do not include meat or dairy products. These include the normal healthy meat-alternatives such as nuts, seeds and whole grain foods. Along with most other nutrients found in grains, Vitamin B6 is mainly found in the outer layers, so processed foods usually have greatly reduced amounts unless subsequently enriched. There are a few other food sources that contain lower amounts of Vitamin B6, these include chick peas, potatoes, onions, bananas and rice. Besides these foods, almost all fruits and vegetables contain small amounts of Vitamin B6 that can help you achieve your daily recommended amount.

Vitamin B6 and Food Preparation

Similar to many water-soluble nutrients, if the food is boiled, much of the nutritional value can be lost if the water is discarded. It is always desirable to eat foods raw, or use a cooking process with limited amounts of water such as steaming. This will ensure the maximium amount of Vitamin B6 Pyrodixine from Food Sources.

Summary of information about Vitamin B6 Pyrodixine Food Sources

Vitamin B6 is easily obtained in most diets because many different foods contain large to moderate amounts. Fish, poultry or liver are the preferred meats since they generally have less health risks associated with them. Nuts, seeds and whole grains, along with a few other foods contain moderate amounts while vegetables give smaller amounts of Vitamin B6. The recommended amount of 1.3mg per day is easy to obtain in most individuals without some type of health problem.

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