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Our property is slightly over an acre on Big Corn Island in Nicaragua, setting us clearly in the tropics which gives us advantages and disadvantages compared to most North American or European farmers.  There is not a lot of information out there regarding small market gardens in the tropics, especially those running in a homestead format.  As part of our project, we hope to create a youtube channel and teach others who to grow specialty crops in the tropics.

As a market garden, we will sell our products directly to consumers, restaurants and resorts rather than to a wholesalers.  Our businses model is to grow high demand, high value crops mainly to tourist related companies or expat communities, things such as specialty lettuces and microgreens.  For this reason we will be doing a lot of experimenting to see what we can get to grow in the tropics using many customized techniques to control sunlight, rain and pests.  The resorts and restaurants that serve tourists have a high demand for certain crops that are not able to be grown here using traditional farming techniques

Organic Gardening means that we will not be using synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides or herbicides.  We will be attempting to be as sustainable as possible.  This means two things, the first is that we will not be using fossil fuels on the property to run machinery, but the other part of being sustainable is that as much as possible, we will try to buy as little supplies off-property as is possible.  This means we will be producing our own fertilizers, collecting rainwater, creating our own organic insecticides, raising our own bees, seed gathering and growing food  specifically for our animals.  There are a few items that we will not be able to produce ourselves such as hay and microgreen seeds where we will need to buy, but otherwise the goal is to close the loop as much as possible

Another important concept for our farm is intensive farming.  What this means in our situation is we will be turning over our plots(cages) every sixteen weeks and will be operating eight plots overall with a succession offset of two weeks.  We will be intensively adding organic matter and nutrients to our soil throughout the growth process with the goal of improving the soil quality with each succession.  We will be improving the soil in various organic ways. This includes Tilapia fish water, vermiculture, normal composting as well as chop-n-drop using high nutrient plants such as Moringa and Comfrey along with chicken and rabbit manures, all being produced on our property.  Intensive farming also means we will be greatly increasing the plant density in our plots using our own variation of Square Foot Gardening which we call Arms Reach Gardening.  The overall goal is to make the soil as fertile as possible so we can create large amounts of food and profits in a very small garden area.

Our website will contain two areas for farming.  This section ( Organic Farming) will be more of an explanation of things involved with our style of tropical organic farming.  The section above titled Farm Blog will be more casual and will be a diary of our experiences as they happen including crop yields and detailed business reports.  It is important to clarify that are primary purpose for this project is to create jobs for single mothers, so while we will be openly discussing our financial information, our decisions might not always be the best for maximizing profits.

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