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Single Mother Organics harvests products on the same day they are delivered.  We currently offer free delivery to restaurants, businesses and  homes with a minimum order of $10 to Big Corn Island.  Residents of Little Corn Island can place orders which can be picked up on Big Corn Island.

We have a CSA subscription program that can be found here.  The CSA program gives you a 30% bonus to your purchase, allows you to order limited quantity items and for residents of Little Corn Island we will do Tuesday and Friday deliveries on orders over $20.

Our goal is to make our prices competitive with major supermarkets with the added value that our crops are organically grown, harvested the day they are delivered and are from a farm that you can visit. We also are able to extend the growing seasons of many local crops as well as provide many specialty crops not readily available in supermarkets in order to increase your selection.

Your can view our fresh list here and make orders through facebook or emailing me at   In the near future I hope to have a full online shopping cart available.