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See the bottom of this page for more information regarding what a CSA is
and specific details of our CSA system.

You can also join the CSA in person, just contact me on Facebook.

CSA Subscription Cost
Total Store Credits Received ( 30% bonus)
Store Credits Received Weekly (x 10 weeks)

Purchase with Paypal or Credit Card

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and is an arrangement between a small local farmer and their customers.  In a typical CSA, customers purchase shares at the beginning of the season and are given a percentage of the crops grown on the farm by way of a monthly or weekly ´mystery box´ which contains a small amount of vegetables that were harvested during that time period.  Our system works a little difference and we feel it is more friendly to restaurants and others who want to choose which vegetables they receive in a more predictable way.

Our system works like this.  Customers subscribe to our CSA at any time and begin receiving store credits at midnight on the Sunday following their subscription purchase. They will then continue receiving store credits each Sunday for the next 9 weeks.  Customers then place orders normally and the value of each order is subtracted from their store credits.  At the time of your subscription purchase we also apply a bonus to your purchase.  This bonus is 30% until September 1, 2018 after which it will be 20%.  The bonus is applied at the time you purchase a subscription, so purchases in August will receive the full 30% despite the fact that many of the weekly allocation of store credits will be made after Sept 1.  Each customer will have their own account page where they can view their balance and order history.  Store credits never expire and unused credits carry-over each week and stay with the customer´s account even at the end of the 10 week subscription.  The first weekly allocation will begin on May 20th, 2018 for subscription purchases between now and May 19th.

CSA members also receive a few other perks. Members will have priority on limited quantity items and it is likely we will only take orders from CSA members until September 1st, 2018 as we build up our farm production. From time to time we will include free samples or even full products with your order as a way to introduce you to new products on the farm or products you might not have experienced before (along with recipes for that product).  CSA members also have more say in what we will be growing on the farm.  If you are making a commitment to our farm by being a member of our CSA, we are going to make sure we are growing the things you are ordering.

What happens if you order more than you have available in store credits?  If it is by a small amount and you have future weekly allocations coming, we will just hold the negative balance until your next allotment.  Otherwise we will treat it as a normal order and collect payment at the time of delivery.  We will let you know at the time of your order that it is above your store credits and that payment will be due at delivery time.

CSA´s exist throughout the USA, Canada and Europe as a way for a community to support a local farmer and receive quality, locally grown produce.  If you do not live on Corn Island, I would suggest you do a simple  google search for ´ CSA in (your county or city)´ .  There are CSAs available for fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy and other products.