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Our company provides a woman´s crisis shelter for victims of domestic abuse as well as our larger project, Grow Lives,  designed to provide long-term housing, support, daycare and education for young, poor single mothers.  The goal is to maintain both services as part of a profitable business funded by our organic garden and online education program.

On this website you will find details of how the service projects function as well as a large amount of information about sustainable organic gardening.  Some farming information is specific to the tropics, which has unique farming difficulties, but much of the information is applicable to any climate.  We also aim to be very transparent regarding the difficulties on our farm as well as providing an open look into what we are doing here on a daily basis.  Our belief is that small organic backyard farming is an important part of the future of our planet, and so we hope to show you our mistakes so you can avoid making them in your own  garden. We also hope to develop a community to let these young women know that people care about them and their children.

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