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How to Lower Estrogen Levels - Estrogen Dominance

Author:   Peter Sedesse MD

Health Risks of High Estrogen Levels and Estrogen Dominance

The body’s estrogen levels can be lowered easily and naturally in a number of ways. Males and females need estrogen; and while it is an important hormone, it is possible for women to have too much estrogen resulting in weight issues and health problems. This is frequently referred to as Estrogen Dominance. The risk of developing breast and other types of cancer is suspected to be higher in females with high estrogen levels. Estrogen also contributes to weight gain and can lead to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity.

A doctor will order a simple urine test to measure estrogen levels. Most treatments for lowering estrogen levels naturally can also result in an overall healthier lifestyle. The level of estrogen in the body is directly influenced by body fat and obesity. The reduction of body weight, especially fat content is one of the healthiest ways to reduce estrogen levels.

Fruits and Vegetables can help Maintain Proper Estrogen Levels

Maintaining proper levels of hormones in the body can be done with fruits and vegetables. Proper estrogen balance requires the vitamins and nutrients found in vegetables and fruits. Some of the commonly used pesticides will affect the body’s production of hormones making organic fruits and vegetables desirable to those with high levels of estrogen. It is important to always wash fruits and vegetables before eating because of pesticides and bacteria.

Other Foods that can Affect Estrogen Levels

People with high estrogen levels should increase the amounts of fiber and grains in their diets. Ingested estrogen (usually from beef or milk) will be trapped by fiber, particularly soluble fiber, and the fiber will guide the estrogen through the digestive tract while lowing the amount the small intestines absorbs. Foods like oatmeal are a great source of soluble fiber and can help lower the amount of estrogen in foods that enters the body.

The intake of sugar and alcohol should be reduced. The amount of hormones the body produces, especially estrogen are increased by high levels of sugar and alcohol. Body weight will be reduced and hormone levels lowered by switching to artificial sweeteners or eliminating sweet foods or eliminating alcohol consumption.

Hormones are found in meat

Eliminating the amount of estrogen obtained directly from the foods we eat is one of the best ways to reduce estrogen levels. There are often large amounts of hormones contained in meat, especially beef. The farmers use estrogen and other hormones to increase water retention and growth in cattle. Dairy products often contain hormones including estrogen for this reason and the consumption should be decreased especially in women with increased estrogen levels. The use of hormones with cattle is believed to be a leading cause of estrogen dominance in the last half-century.

Exercise can Lower Estrogen Levels

Finally, exercise. There are a number of studies showing that the blood estrogen levels of all adults can be lowered by exercise. A generally healthier life and weight loss will result like with many of the things mentioned above. It is important to note that one of the opposite things can occur in women that exercise too much, decreased estrogen levels. This also can occur in women with eating disorders or in models who go to drastic measures to lower their weight. Exercise in moderation and maintain a healthy amount of fat

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