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Health Benefits of Cherries

Author:   Peter Sedesse MD

Overview of Health Benefits of the Cherry

Cherries are similar to most fruits and vegetables in that they contain a large amount of vitamins and minerals and other nutrients with very low fat or sodium.  The nutritional value of cherries also follow the general rule that the more brightly colored the fruit or vegetable is, the higher concentration of vitamins it contains.  As with most bright red or orange fruits, the cherry contains large amounts of Vitamin A and Vitamin C.   Another health benefit of Cherries is that the cherry also contain an antioxidant called Anthocyanin which is only found in a few different fruits and vegetables.

Vitamin C in Cherries -  25% of Recommended Daily Amount per Cup

Cherries contain large amounts of Vitamin C, also called ascorbic acid.  Vitamin C is necessary to maintain soft tissue linings in the body including your mouth, gums and digestive tract.  Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant that helps to eliminate harmful chemicals from the body.  Vitamin C has also been shown to help reduce the buildup of cholesterol and plaque inside veins and arteries, which can help prevent cardiovascular disease.

Vitamin A in Cherries - 40% of Recommended Daily Amount per Cupt

Vitamin A found in cherries is used throughout the body for a wide number of functions including cell division, within the immune system and its most famous purpose is with vision, especially low-light or night vision.

Anthocyanin in Cherries

Anthocyanin is a red, very bright pigment found in the cherry and acts as an antioxidant in the body.  Anthocyanin helps prevent abnormal inflammation throughout the body but has been found to be especially potent at preventing gout.  There are many other areas where research has shown to aid the body, one important one is with the production of collogen, which is used to make ligaments and tendons and is a vital part of wound healing.

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Dietary Fiber Content of the Cherry - 10% RDA

Dietary fiber is important for the longterm health of the digestive system, especially the large intestines and may be useful in reducing the chances of developing diabetes.  Dietary fiber is an undigested portion of food that travels through the digestive system and helps keep the intestines clean.   With a cleaner digestive tract, the amount of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients absorbed is greatly increased..  Dietary fiber in cherries also traps sugar and spreads its absorption out over a longer period of time.

Minerals found in Cherries

There are many health benefits of cherries and the nutritional value of the cherry is high compared to the calories it contains.  Cherries contain small, but significant amounts of potassium and magnesium as well as trace amounts of many other minerals needed by the body.  Potassium is needed by the body to regulate water retention as well as muscle contraction.  Magnesium is used primarily for muscle and bone growth, but also is used by the body to extract energy from foods.

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