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Explain-Health.com is a website designed to provide short, informative articles based upon frequently asked questions regarding health, medicine and nutrition. The goal of which is to provide readers with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions based on scientific research.          

Causes of a salty taste in the mouth

There are several different reasons for an abnormal salty taste to occur in the mouth.  The most usual include dehydration or an infection either in the sinus cavity or salivary glands, but there are several more serious reasons a salty taste in the mouth can occur.

How to tell if a burn is infected

Many people are not aware, but one of the most dangerous aspects of a burn is the risk of a subsequent bacterial infection.  Burns are generally slow to heal and diminish the integrity of the skin and its ability to form a protective barrier to keep out bacteria.

Side effects of a tubal ligation

A tubal ligation, frequently referred to has having tubes tied, can have important side effects that need to be monitored.  They include physical things related to the surgery, psychological issues as well as hormone related symptoms.

Causes of elevated liver enzyme tests

There are three major enzymes found in liver cells for which medical testing is frequently performed.  These include Alanine Transaminase (ALT), Aspartate Transaminase (AST) and Alkaline phosphatase (ALP) and abnormal results often indicate disease.

Causes and treatment for a Seroma

A seroma is a sac that develops after tissue is removed from the body, this occurs following a procedure like a mastectomy.  The fluid inside the sac is sterile and poses no immediate danger and should drain away naturally.

Causes of low Hematocrit results

Hematocrit test results can be lowered by different types of anemia as well as any disease that causes a large increase in white blood cells.  Injury, surgery or any cause of prolonged bleeding can also result in low hematocrit results.

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